Feb 10, 2010

My winning Climb!!

 I entered an adventure photo contest with one of my climbing pictures and WON!! I NEVER could have done this climb if I hadn't done P90X first!!

This is the picture I entered...

Jan 13, 2010

Confessions of a P90Xaholic

So, what, you may ask is so addicting about P90X?
Well I have to admit I am a P90
Xaholic, so who better to answer that question, no?
Is it the pain? Hmmm maybe if I were a sadist, but no, that I am not. Is it the mesmerizing stature of Tony Horton's lovely physique that keeps one hooked? Ummm maybe for some, and while he does make it quite pleasant viewing, I'd still say not for me. Is it the huge gains
acquired in phases 2 & 3? Oooo now we're getting close!

For me, at least, it seems to be almost magical... during the first week, every muscle in your body is screaming, "What are you trying to do to me?!!" The soreness that ensues tells you this stuff is WORKING! Here's the magical part, you wake up and feel like you can barely brush your teeth, let alone pick up a weight, but then some how for reasons still unbeknown to me, you put that DVD in and as you're getting through the warm up, suddenly, you're able to do all the moves in that day's workout. Maybe not all the reps or lots of weight to start, but you're doin it and you get done and feel like a million bucks. But the soreness only lasts for the first week, maybe two.

THEN comes the magic Part Deux... (I call this the "Samson" phase) From one week to the next, moves you could barely get through or could only do a couple of reps, suddenly aren't so hard anymore, now you're magically able to do them and by the end of the 90 days, you feel like you're body must be implanted with tiny sacks of helium because now you're floating through all those push-ups and yoga moves and such, and those groceries are suddenly made of styrofoam and the matress has been swapped for an air mat because now you can flip it over all by yourself. Obviously, my point here is the strength gains are unbelievable and seriously, at least for me, I really don't feel like I'm killing myself, spending HOURS in the gym, to get them. I feel like I really don't deserve it, like I didn't work THAT hard to get there. Don't get me wrong here, I put
everything I have into it, but it's only an hour a day! How can that be possible?

Now, magic Part Trois... Within the first 30-45 days you SEE changes in your body, OBVIOUS changes. Love handles, gone. Chicken wings, gone. Butt hang, GONE! In one little tiny month, I am ready to prance proudly around the beach in my bikini. Then at 60 days, muscles you never knew were there, begin to emerge, popping up all over the place! Side Note: You may look a little strange to yourself, maybe a bit unbalanced or "lumpy" because you're not used to it AND because your body is still adjusting to itself. It is CRUCIAL now that you press ON and KEEP PUSHING PLAY because the swan is about to make it's grand appearance! By day 90, you are KILLING the workouts, barely even winded, you feel invincible, ready to leap tall buildings or race a bullet... ok, so maybe not quite like THAT, but the "high" you're getting from your workouts is unparalleled by any drug man can make. You look back at week 1 and you laugh at that puny little weakling you once were. Your confidence is through the roof!! You want to go everywhere in your bathing suit! hahaha But seriously, you are lean and tight and your body moves like a well oiled machine, all in unison.

Ah, that takes care of why you'd do it once, but why the multiple times?.... BECAUSE IT WORKS!! Better than anything else out there! Oh, you'll try other things, we all do, and you'll get some kind of results, but you'll soon realize if you want to stay THIS strong, THIS fit, THIS all-over healthy, you'll be back to "The X". I still use other workouts as a supplement to P90X if I'm doing Doubles or in conjunction with "P90X-PLUS" (between rounds of P90X Classic). BTW, "P90X+" is a BLAST!! It's actually FUN to do after you finish 90 days of P90X. But P90X is my mainstay... I am hopelessly hooked.

In a nutshell (ok, I know, too late for that) I am a P90X "lifer" because it makes my life better without
consuming my life. I can do it and still be able to mountain bike, snow board, rock climb, etc and do it all BETTER! I can maintain a nearly elite fitness level in a minimum amount of time. I know that "life happens" and we all slip away from our workouts at least a little from time to time, but I have found this to be the most "forgiving" workout out there, I can always come back and always get great results.

Now time for the disclaimer: It must be said that to get this type of results, you have to be committed 100% to the program and really do your BEST.
Follow the nutrition guide and BRING IT with all you've got! You'll get out of it what you put in it. It's WORTH it, YOU'RE worth it!!

DECIDE... COMMIT... SUCCEED!!! Start here: BeachBodyCoach.com/Fitness4Ever